About me Welcome to my homepage. My name is Francesco Montorsi.

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Very short bio: I was born in 1986 near Modena, Italy. I took the Bachelor Degree and the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. I took the PhD in the same university in the area of telecommunications (more info about my PhD research activity is in the publications page). I'm currently employed in a telecommunication company which provides high-performance high through-put live analysis of data on mobile network operators.

My favourite hobbies are computer programming (thus you'll find here mostly stuff about it) and DIY electronics.
I keep up to date also a page with my (scientific) publications and the related material (software and data used in the papers, etc).

My curriculum vitae is available here as well as my theses:

I also have a public profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/francescomontorsi.

These pages are updated when I have time (i.e. rarely)...

Contact info If you want to contact me, please send me an email at: francesco.montorsi@NOSPAM AT gmail.com (remove @NOSPAM).

SSH public key The following is my public SSH key, which can be used to authenticate my emails/documents:

To install the key on a Unix-like machine with OpenSSH:

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